Affordable Benefit ChoicesCompliance Options for your Organization

The Affordable Care Act has dramatically changed the employee benefits landscape. Whether you like it, hate it, or tolerate it, ACA and its penalties are here, and they’re real. More than ever, employers need to find affordable compliance options for their organizations – especially for their variable hour employee population. Affordable Benefit Choices – ABC – is the leader in comprehensive, low-cost solutions to help businesses meet the challenges posed by ACA.
ABC provides Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC), Minimum Value (MV), and other plan options that have been built by experienced ERISA and tax attorneys, accountants, and other employee benefits experts. The plan options from ABC are flexible enough to meet the requirements of any employer, and come with a guarantee that employers who use them will not have to pay penalties, fines, excise taxes, or legal fees for non-compliance with ACA.


ABC offers many products and services that are not part of other ACA solutions, including:

Customized Plans

Unique plan designs by our Benefits Attorneys, in compliance with ACA.


Set up and ongoing review by our Implementation and Administration teams.

Compliance Guarantee

Protection against ACA penalties.

Claims Management

Risk mitigation tools to control ongoing costs.

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