Important Message on Our Services

ABC plans are not “health insurance.” They are self-insured health plan designs created through consultation with ABC, which may be licensed by employers, partnerships, and other qualified groups, and may be (re)insured by licensed carriers (at the sole election and selection of the plan sponsor), in order to make certain that all valid participant claims will be paid. Groups may offer participation in ABC-designed health plans to their eligible plan participants, as determined by the plan sponsor in its plan document, and may require participants to pay some or all of their share of the group’s costs. Individuals may use this website to learn more about various ABC plans, but cannot directly purchase health coverage from this site, nor from any other source. Only groups that qualify as plan sponsors under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (“ERISA”) may license ABC plans. If any potential participant wishes to know if a particular group is an ABC licensee, and/or if a group has acquired (re)insurance coverage for an ABC plan, they may do so by requesting information through the Contact page. Please note that ABC can only verify whether or not a group is an ABC licensee, and whether it has obtained (re)insurance. ABC cannot provide opinions as to the eligibility of individuals to participate in an ERISA plan, cannot provide any information regarding specific claims, and does not make recommendations or facilitate the transaction of insurance business in any way. Eligibility and claims questions should be directed to the administrators designated by plan sponsors.