ACA states that employers must offer a Minimum Essential Coverage plan to include preventive care services at no cost sharing to participants for certain “in network” preventive services. Affordable Benefit Choices is pleased to present WellMEC™ –a comprehensive, low-cost solution offered to help businesses meet those challenges posed by ACA. For a cost far below the premiums charged by traditional medical plans, WellMEC™ fully satisfy all employer ACA requirements. Built by experienced ERISA and tax attorneys, accountants, and other employee benefits experts, WellMEC™ are patent-protected and come with a guarantee against, penalties, fines or excise taxes for non- compliance with ACA.


Guaranteed compliance which covers all ACA employer penalties
Variable Hour Tracking
Benefits Administration Platform
1094/1095 Reporting
No exclusions for pre-existing conditions
Available to all eligible employees and participants
Pre-underwritten, uncoordinated fixed indemnity benefits available
Access to a National PPO network, resulting in discounted expenses to the plan
COBRA administration included
Full bilingual (English-Spanish) services
Rx discount card
Telemed and Phone Health App
Uniformity in all 50 states

Employer Advantage

Benefits offerings are a proven tool for promoting employee retention and recruiting
Benefit elections can be made simply through benefits administration site, and employee contributions can coordinate through payroll deductions
Multiple plan choices
Call center support for members
Plans can be placed under Section 125/Cafeteria Plan
Enrollment capabilities (web and call based support)
Support with Subsidy Notices
Dedicated Client Service Manager

Schedule of Benefits

Since the only benefits offered under this Plan are preventive and wellness services, all in network services will be covered at 100% of the cost by the Plan, and the Plan Participants will owe 0% of the cost of these covered preventive and wellness services. Out of network services will be covered at 0% of the cost by the Plan, and Plan Participant will owe 100% of the cost of these covered preventive and wellness services.