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Does the plan keep its promises?

Many competing plans offer illusory guarantees of service or compliance. More alarming, some competing plans promise reinsurance coverage without actually providing it, exposing plan sponsors to untold liability. At ABC, we keep our promises and demonstrate our commitment to you with clear documentation.

Do all full-time employees receive a bona fide offer of a Minimum Value Plan?

All eligible participants of applicable large employers in ABC plans are offered WellMIN™, a fully compliant MVP that has no minimum participation requirements.

Does the plan designer claim that the ACA can be safely avoided with a MEC plan alone?

It can’t. That’s why all ABC plans provide an offer of WellMIN™ to all participants.

Does the plan’s designer stand behind it?

WellMEC™ is fully guaranteed against any penalties or fines that may ever be assessed due to a plan design flaw. Other ABC minimum essential coverage plans are guaranteed against any fines or penalties for violations of the ACA employer mandate due to any plan design defect.

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