Affordable Benefit Choices

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act – ACA – resulted in new health care options for employees, while also creating many new challenges and risks for employers. Affordable Benefit Choices – ABC – has the solutions.

Our History & Purpose

The Principal of ABC is Alexander Renfro, a leading tax and employee benefits attorney.  Alex uses his unique skills and specialized training to create innovative plans that meet three main goals:

Penalty-proof ACA compliance
Highest possible value for employees
Lowest possible cost for employers

Alex filed for his first patent on the most popular ABC plan (WellMEC™) in early 2013.  Although ABC continues to adapt to changes in the benefits marketplace and the needs of our clients, the core features of our plans have never changed – nor has any ABC plan ever been challenged by state or federal regulators.

In the years since Alex created the first self-funded, cost-efficient ACA compliance solution, many competitors have come – and some have already gone.  Of those that remain, some are better than others – and some are downright dangerous.

Industries We Serve


  • Professional Employer Organization
  • Armed Guards


  • Restaurant
  • Hotel / Motels
  • Resorts
  • Casinos
  • Golf Course


  • Senior Living
  • Home Health


  • Grocery Stores



  • Trucking
  • 1099 / Independent Contractor


Franchisee / Franchisors